Experience Enhanced Sports Betting with BetMakers New OneWatch Terminal Tool

BetMakers Releases OneWatch, a Revolutionary Terminal Monitoring Tool

BetMakers Technology Group, a prominent provider of wagering technology and data, has introduced OneWatch, a new terminal monitoring solution that it has developed. With the help of this cutting-edge solution, businesses will be able to effortlessly manage thousands of terminals.

In their description of OneWatch, BetMakers described it as a monitoring and analytics tool for betting terminals that has been developed with the intention of transforming the operations of wagering terminals from being manual and reactive to being intelligent and proactive.

Image Source: BetMakers Technology Group

The release states that OneWatch would give BetMakers and its Global Tote subsidiary a powerful tool for terminal maintenance and support services. This will strengthen the company’s position in the industry. A single, consolidated dashboard is included in OneWatch, which is notable for its ability to provide centralized monitoring of the whole wagering terminal estate. In addition to that, the program offers notification warnings, general health reports, and status indicators that are updated in real time.

The analysis of historical data and the data-driven decision-making that OneWatch provides are two other areas in which it shines. Last but not least, the new solution that BetMakers has developed includes dashboard interaction with automation tools for third parties.

For instance, the solution will be utilized by the operation teams of Global Tote in order to provide management for the thousands of BetLine Series wagering terminals that are located throughout the United States. In addition, clients of Global Tote will be given access to historical data, a unified dashboard, and insights into their BetLine terminals.

Furthermore, customers that purchase BetLine terminals have the opportunity to utilize OneWatch, which provides them with the ability to get visibility into the performance of their machines and secure access to tools that they can use to enhance customer happiness.

BetMakers is looking to be a leader in innovation

In his remarks regarding the debut, Karl Begg, the chief technical officer of BetMakers technical Group, emphasized the company’s overarching objective of making betting more straightforward. Begg asserts that the BetLine Series of wagering terminals offered by the company is designed to guarantee that all essential aspects of betting terminal service are capable of being thoroughly examined and monitored.

Support staff will have complete control of crucial wagering terminal systems with OneWatch, whether it is used for one of our North American clients or by a client with their own BetLine terminals. This guarantees that nothing is overlooked.

Karl Begg, CTO, BetMakers Technology Group

Begg went on to say that BetMakers is working hard to fulfill its aim of revolutionizing the racing sector all over the world by improving the betting experience generally. The BetLine Series and the OneWatch solution are just two examples of the services that BetMakers has provided to the industry in order to support it.

In the first quarter of 2024, OneWatch will formally launch for customers. In the interim, BetMakers’ Global Tote operations are being made equipped with the solution that is being implemented.

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