California Embraces Potential for Sports Betting in the Near Future

The state of California is not expected to implement sports betting in the year 2023.
The local tribes continue to be adamantly opposed to the two bills that would regulate sports betting.

The majority of voters in California continue to demonstrate a lack of interest in sports betting. Despite the fact that some individuals appear to be warming up to the concept, the data indicates that consumers in the state continue to be reluctant to introduce the vertical to the state.

California sports betting
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This is what the findings of a survey that was conducted by FM3 Research, a local polling business demonstrated. According to the conclusions of the study, only thirteen percent of Californians are firmly in favor of the notion, while seventeen percent are only somewhat in favor of betting. The data indicate that 17% of people have a moderate opposition to sports betting, while 46% have a strong opposition to it. Only seven percent of people are neutral.

Despite the fact that these results are not particularly exciting, they do demonstrate that people are somewhat more likely to support betting now than they were a year ago. FM3 Research discovered that 13% of people strongly support betting, while 15% of people support it moderately. This information is provided for reference.

Various Tribes Are Against the New Measures

Even though the data indicate that there has been a slight shift toward a more favorable attitude toward the concept of sports betting, they still indicate that more than half of the voters in the state are against the idea. The local tribes, who are afraid of competition from commercial operations, are pleased with these results because they are advantageous to them.

Furthermore, the tribes were dissatisfied with the fact that they were not informed of the most recent steps prior to the filings with the government. Their hatred was further exacerbated as a result of this, which presented additional obstacles to the process of legalizing sports betting.

Even while some of the local tribes have chosen to maintain a neutral stance on the issue, the majority of them are adamantly opposed to the implementation of sports betting.

We are not prepared, California

Two more measures attempted to legalize sports betting in the previous year, but they were unsuccessful in gaining support. The Sports Wagering Regulation and Tribal Gaming Protection Act and the Tribal Gaming Protection Act are two pieces of legislation that have been introduced this year with the intention of reviving the practice of sports betting.

It is with great regret that I inform you that the time for collecting comments ended yesterday. The first of December is the deadline for each of these initiatives.

It would appear that the future of sports betting in the state of California is still rather grim. It is quite doubtful that there will be any meaningful change because both voters and tribes are opposed to the two amendments. As far as the local tribes are concerned, it is highly probable that the state of California will require a few more years before sports betting becomes a significant issue.

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