FanDuel and Playtech Sign a Big Deal to Drive Live Casino Growth in Canada 2023

Playtech, the world’s leading gambling technology company, has partnered with FanDuel, the leading North American online gaming company, to launch branded Live Casino content on their Canadian platform.

Playtech, the most successful gambling technology company in the world, has recently entered into a ground-breaking partnership with FanDuel, the most successful online gaming company in North America. Through the implementation of this historic agreement, FanDuel intends to strengthen its position as a provider of high-quality online casino offerings while simultaneously enhancing the Live Casino experience in Canada.

We should investigate the specifics of this fascinating partnership, shall we?


Details of the Transaction

As part of the agreement between Playtech and FanDuel, a dedicated Live Casino studio will be established in Riga, Latvia. This studio will be designed to specifically cater to the audience of FanDuel as well as the Canadian market. A variety of high-quality casino games, such as Roulette, All Bets Blackjack, Baccarat, and 7-Seater Blackjack, will be made available by the studio solely for customers of FanDuel who are located in the province of Ontario in Canada.

Programs for Expansion

The provision of the Live Casino studio in other Canadian provinces as they regulate their online gambling markets is made possible by the deal, despite the fact that the initial focus is on the province of Ontario. This adaptability paves the way for the possibility of future expansion and exemplifies Playtech’s dedication to establishing a strong presence across the North American continent.

Impact on the Industry FanDuel and Playtech

Both Playtech and FanDuel are eager to expand their global offerings and enter newly regulated markets in order to capitalize on business opportunities. Live casino experiences are becoming increasingly dominant in the gambling industry all over the world, and this partnership is a sign of that dominance. The fact that FanDuel is a subsidiary of Flutter Entertainment plc, which is the largest sports betting and gaming operator in the world, is another factor that contributes to the significance of this partnership.

Important Quotations

George Voyatzis, Vice President of Commercial Operations for Playtech, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the partnership by saying, “It is absolutely fantastic to witness Playtech Live continuing its expansion in North America.” Playtech is experiencing a very exciting moment as a result of our partnership with FanDuel, and we are looking forward to delivering our Live Casino games to FanDuel and its customer base throughout the province of Ontario.

The General Manager of FanDuel Canada, Dale Hooper, emphasized the high-quality experience that this deal will bring to users in Canada. He said, “We are proud to be announcing this deal with Playtech, which will bring our users across Canada the ability to enjoy the highest quality Live Casino experience.” The innovative FanDuel Live Casino studio has been specifically localized to cater to the Canadian market and FanDuel. This decision was made in order to meet the needs of both parties.

Concluding remarks

A significant advance has been made in the development of the Live Casino industry in Canada as a result of the collaboration between Playtech and FanDuel. Playtech’s expertise in gambling technology and FanDuel’s position as a leading online gaming operator will allow Canadian players to anticipate an enhanced and immersive Live Casino experience. Playtech is a leading provider of gambling technology.

This partnership lays the groundwork for future expansion and innovation in the gambling industry in North America.


Playtech and FanDuel’s partnership—what does it involve?

Playtech, a leading gambling technology company, will build a Live Casino studio in Riga, Latvia, for FanDuel’s Canadian audience. Our studio will offer high-quality casino games like Roulette, All Bets Blackjack, Baccarat, and 7-Seater Blackjack exclusively to FanDuel Ontario customers

Why does this partnership matter in gambling?

Playtech and FanDuel’s partnership shows Live Casino’s growing importance in global gambling. It shows both companies’ dedication to entering new regulated markets and expanding globally. This landmark deal is further enhanced by FanDuel’s partnership with Flutter Entertainment plc, the largest sports betting and gaming operator.

Will the Live Casino studio move to other Canadian provinces?

The agreement allows the Live Casino studio to expand to other Canadian provinces regulating online gambling. Playtech’s commitment to North American expansion and expansion are shown by this.

How does this partnership help Canadian FanDuel users?

The innovative FanDuel Live Casino studio developed by Playtech will improve the Live Casino experience for Canadian customers. The localised games are designed for the Canadian market, ensuring a high-quality and immersive experience.

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  • Louis E. says:

    I’m thrilled about this partnership between FanDuel and Playtech! The establishment of a dedicated Live Casino studio in Canada will bring an immersive and high-quality gaming experience for FanDuel players. It’s a significant step forward for the gambling industry, and I’m excited to see what other innovations and expansions will come from this collaboration. Kudos to both companies for this successful deal!

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