New Dublin betting shop advertising rules promote responsible gambling 2023

Dublin City Council to Take Legal Action Against Illegal Betting Advertising Banners

In accordance with the development regulations that are currently in place in Dublin, Ireland, bookmakers have a period of four weeks to remove any banners that advertise gambling without incurring significant fines. During this time period, betting shops are allowed to continue using this form of advertising, despite the fact that Dublin City Council, which is the council responsible for development, planning, and other community projects, considers it to be illegal. In spite of the fact that the limits are designed to shield vulnerable individuals from marketing that are associated with betting, the four-week delay has created a loophole that gaming corporations are looking to exploit.

Dublin Betting Shop

Dublin City Council to Close Loophole Exploited by Bookmakers

As a result of the fact that certain sporting events typically endure for approximately four weeks, betting companies are able to take advantage of this legal gap to promote their products by putting up illegal advertising banners and then removing them without having to pay a fee. According to a report that was published not too long ago, the Council is interested in taking part in a testing case with the intention of putting an end to this practice because it has been recognized as detrimental.

The Dublin City Council is planning to close the loophole that allows bookmakers to take advantage of vulnerable people and “marginalized communities” by deploying illegal betting advertising banners, as stated in an article that was published by The Irish Times the previous week. If these banners are shown inside betting shops during important sporting events such as the World Cup and horse racing, they will be visible to customers.

Under the updated proposal, the Council has said that it intends to “go straight to legal action in respect of the next suitable case that comes before Dublin City Council relating to a banner erected on a betting shop advertising betting services.” This is the objective that the Council has declared in the proposal. In the end, the primary objective of the test case is to eliminate the four-week deadline and respond to the fraudulent advertising practices in the betting industry as quickly as feasible.

Gambling firms exploit vulnerable groups due to the loophole

Janet Horner, a councillor for the Green Party, asserts that a loophole in the planning regulations made it possible for gambling enterprises to exploit groups with lower socioeconomic status in a manner that was “morally unacceptable.” The woman added, “I think it’s outrageous that they do this knowing that they are exploiting a planning loophole,” as part of her argument.

Horner remembers seeing advertisements for the Rugby World Cup put on the front of betting companies. These promotions were visible to customers. The fact that she had lodged concerns was acknowledged, and she expressed the hope that others would do the same. Horner did, however, issue a caution over the ineffective law that compels compliance from betting organizations in a period of time that is fewer than four weeks—a period of time that coincides with certain athletic events. “In the time they have been given by the planning legislation to remove it, the banner has done its job and done its damage,” the woman told reporters.

The Ultimate Objective

The ultimate objective of the campaign against gambling advertising is to lessen the number of people who gamble recklessly or have gambling problems. At the beginning of the previous month, the Irish government postponed a vital decision regarding the increase of levies, which resulted in the publication of the most recent proposal from the Dublin City Council.

It should be noted that the increase in tax rates that was indicated earlier was not included in the new budget that was released by the administration. Despite the fact that Ireland’s Minister of Finance, Michael McGrath, indicated that the tax rate on betting shops might be raised in the future, he did not explain why the adjustment that was requested was not included in the budget.

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